The Unbeatable Combination of Service + Technology

The Unbeatable Combination of Service + Technology

Twenty years ago, I set out to build a company focused on the novel idea of meshing service and technology to deliver a powerful auto damage appraisal solution for insurers and their customers. Industry naysayers said it couldn't be done. Well that just fueled my fire.

It was a humble beginning, but I never wavered. So, as I read and hear industry thought leaders talk about marrying people and technology like it's a new concept, I marvel at the success we've had operating this way for 20 years.

At ACD, we weave together the best people with the best technology to drive fast, accurate and professional auto damage appraisals. From the start, we've been laser focused on crunching down cycle times, increasing customer satisfaction and helping adjusters close claims efficiently so their policyholders can get back on the road.

So, what's our secret sauce and how do we do it?

  1. It starts with exceptional people. As much as the business world and society leans toward automation, the foundation of the insurance business is centered on the human experience. Empathy, expertise and service matter to consumers more than the race to the bottom to eliminate personal contact. Team ACD delivers on the promise we believe in – helping people, resolving problems and creating a positive experience.

  2. Sprinkle in a good amount of technology. Technology is the tool that augments the power of our people. AI for us is augmented intelligence not artificial. You'll find it in our new CLARITY workflow platform and companion mobile app. Use of machine learning in specific and defined ways has the potential to exponentially increase the efficiency of claims professionals. And you will notice I said "claims professionals" because I believe nothing will replace these humans. Our technology brings forth the right information so it's at their fingertips. Adjuster accuracy and their decision-making ability improves tremendously.

  3. The mixture of service and technology forms from a culture of innovation. Built by clients for clients is our philosophy. We look at every user of our services and technology as a client. That's our employees, insurers, appraisers, and vehicle owners. We take feedback, suggestions, and input from all of the above and then work to build a technology solution that makes sense. Technology not built by people who've never handled a claim but by people who have done the job day in and day out. This mentality builds on itself. It allows us to focus on continuous improvement and be that right hand to those whose claims expertise we can help improve.

All these ingredients lead to a partnership with ACD. Our clients get a company intensely focused on giving insurers, fleet administrators, TPAs and self-insureds a technology-powered and people-driven experience for their material damage process that doesn't compare to anything else.

Our purpose is to use the technology we so methodically built to enhance the human experience in auto claims, not remove it. And with our recipe of success made with the best people and the most innovative thinking, we deliver a client experience like no other.

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This advertorial was first published in the March/April 2023 issue of PropertyCasualty360 (free subscription required to view)