The ACD Difference

The ACD Difference

Here are four key areas where we save money and drive efficiency in the auto claims material damage process for clients who use ACD.

Cycle Time

Our core focus is to crunch cycle times which speeds up the claims process.

ACD’s cycle times are 2.3 days faster than the industry average for carriers using AutoLink™. Our technology platform combines automation and human-touch delivery. We match the right field and desk resource to the right claim at the outset. Time is money and we save you both.

Reduced Rental & Storage

Through our storage and rental watch features, we can identify and prioritize files to minimize these critical areas that can drive cycle times and costs up. We’ve saved carriers nearly $120 per file where these fees are involved.


Through rules-based intelligent auditing and a dedicated Quality

Assurance Team, we’re able to reduce leakage far below industry averages and ensure compliance. Our parts usage and compliance tools have reduced leakage to 4% while the industry average is 7.5% to 9.5%.


We allow your adjusters to do more adjusting by eliminating needless calls. For one client, about 4,150 hours was saved due to less status calls, dispatch and follow-ups. This equaled the time of two full-time adjusters!

To top it off, and one of the best things of all, implementation is quick. AutoLink™ is intuitive and easy to use – your adjusters can be up and running in hours. And your dedicated ACD Client Care Team is available for any support needed.

Start seeing the benefits of using ACD from day one.

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This advertorial was first published in the May/June 2021 issue of NU Claims Magazine: