From pandemic comes opportunity for kindness

From pandemic comes opportunity for kindness

Mother Teresa famously said, “Do small things with great love.” Throughout the world, this is happening one person at a time. A wonderful example can be found in Central California. The small act being done by ACD Senior Client Care Specialist Kelly Hieger and her daughter Savannah is making face masks for healthcare workers in their community. They’ve been at it in the evenings and on weekends since the end of March. The handmade masks are headed to the Community Regional Medical Center, the epicenter in Fresno, CA for all COVID-19 cases.

Kelly mask preview

Kelly picked up the sewing bug when she was16 years old, first being hired by a company in her hometown that made products for horses. She got experience making feed bags, screens for trailer windows, fly masks, etc. From there she branched out, using her mom’s machine to create Renaissance Faire costumes for fun. Over the past few years, she’s been focused on more personal items – memorial pillows. Says Kelly, “someone gives me a shirt from their loved one that has passes and I make a pillowcase out of it.”

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The facial mask-making is truly a family affair. Kelly’s mother-in-law has supplied all the fabric and has pitched in to help cut out the patterns. So far, the threesome has churned out over 125 masks. Obviously, Kelly’s sewing skills go beyond these simple masks but because of the urgent need for them, it’s her finest work yet.