Digital Claims Processing Gains Momentum: Are You on Board?

Digital Claims Processing Gains Momentum: Are You on Board?

This 40-minute Sept. 24th webinar, hosted by Greg Donaldson and Jay Sarzen of the Aite Group, was a great conversation with a well-rounded panel of speakers. They included:

  • Ernie Bray, CEO of Auto Claims Direct
  • Jason Verlan, SVP at CCC Information Services
  • Bob Skerrett, CEO of Insurance Mobility Solutions/Trak Global Group
  • Josh Thompson, VP at State Auto Insurance

These industry experts each have a piece in the claims process – an insuretech innovator with a tech and services solution, a vehicle lifecycle solution, results-driven telematics, and a top insurance carrier in business for almost a century. During the conversation, the speakers gave their insights on how digital is changing the claims workflow, where automation has the biggest impact, which parts of the claims ecosystem benefit most from tech and digital, how to combat fraud, customer benefits from digital, and barriers to overcome in transitioning to digital.

Listen at your convenience, it’s worth your time!

Watch the archived webinar here: