ACD Releases All-New Photo Estimating Mobile App to Speed Up Auto Claims

ACD Releases All-New Photo Estimating Mobile App to Speed Up Auto Claims

App enables insurance estimates to be completed in as little as an hour

AutoClaims Direct (ACD), a leading auto claims technology, decision support, advisory and service network aggregator to the property and casualty industry, today announced the launch of Self(ie)™, an all-new, fully-enhanced version of the company’s photo estimating solution to speed up the processing and resolution of claims.

The new release was built from the ground up with a modern and intuitive user interface that requires no downloads and can be white labeled for insurers.When a claim qualifies for photo estimating, ACD promptly sends a Self(ie) link to the vehicle owner through a text message or email. Customers are then guided step-by-step through a smart user experience and all photos are immediately transmitted back to ACD allowing appraisers to assess the extent of damage and complete estimates in as little as one hour.

“We have met and interviewed a multitude insurance carriers to discover their pain points with current products on the market and where they fell short,” stated Ernie Bray, CEO of ACD. “We focused on what their digitally empowered customers wanted in a self-service product. The answer? Simple, easy, accurate and fast,” added Bray.

ACD recognizes that tech-forward policyholders have higher expectations and are looking for an amazing customer experience. Its compelling new solution for insurers eliminates the need to fragment the process utilizing various vendors as ACD handles all inspection channels in one unified solution focused on simplicity, communication and speed.

“With Self(ie) we are proud to have the most powerful and slickest solution in the industry. With this new release, insurers get the added benefit of ACD’s claims triage which offers the unique flexibility to quickly transition from traditional field appraisals to photo estimating and even collision repair shops. All of this occurs seamlessly through the industry’s leading virtual claims workflow platform, AutoLink,” added Bray.