ACD Reduces Supplement Cycle Times With Video Solution

Carlsbad, California – August 23rd, 2017 –

ACD is making the supplement process even easier for auto insurers who utilize ACD's AutoLink virtual claims workflow platform. Supplements have historically been a common pain point throughout the industry and the need for physical re-inspections by adjusters can often delay a file up to two to three days leading to excessive rental charges and delayed repairs.

With ACD's MobileSup technology, repairers can now document supplemental damage with video and alert the original appraiser in real-time to eliminate the need for a reinspection. In many cases what previously could take days can now be resolved in hours.

"The biggest way to increase customer satisfaction and expedite claims processing is to condense cycle times," states Ernie Bray, CEO of ACD. "We are passionate about process improvement and are continuously looking to remove needless touch-points. Not every file requires a physical re-inspection and with video you can eliminate wasted drive time for field appraisers and help insurers allocate resources much more efficiently," added Bray.