ACD Launches DRP Plus™ - A Collision Repair Management Solution Within AutoLink®

ACD, a leading auto claims technology, decision support, and connector of claims networks for the property and casualty industry has announced the launch of DRP Plus™, the latest major enhancement to the company’s core AutoLink® workflow platform.

ACD’s new solution works to complement CollisionSelect™ a built-in “shop of choice” feature that already opens communication for any collision repairer nationwide based on vehicle owner choice. Both solutions now give insurers and policyholders enhanced interaction and accuracy throughout the repair process, which are vital for fast and smooth claim resolutions.

DRP Plus™ allows insurers to build their own networks and manage the workflow process through seamless communication, live real-time updates and stage tracking.

“Our new collision repair management feature rounds out the strength of AutoLink®. When we launched CollisionSelect™ last year with phenomenal success, our clients were thrilled. DRP Plus™ now gives those insurers who want to manage their own networks a way to seamlessly build and manage their own specific group,” stated Ernie Bray, CEO of ACD. “We are pleased to be able to meet our clients needs by providing them the tools to manage their unique workflows. The flexibility of our platform continues to be the key to the rapid adoption of our technology within the industry,” added Bray.