ACD Adds Historical Weather Data To AutoLink®

ACD, a leading auto claims technology, decision support, and connector of claims networks for the property and casualty industry has added the integration of historical weather data into ACD’s flagship technology workflow platform, AutoLink®.

Historical hourly weather data will now be included for every loss date provided by an adjuster. This information will help assist adjusters in their claims investigations, confirm facts of loss and provide awareness to extreme weather.

“Our goal is to continue to make AutoLink® the auto claims workflow platform of the future. Insurers have grown weary of tired legacy platforms and it’s exciting when we are able to show them a look at the future. We’ve built a truly modern platform that drives efficiencies by uniting the claims ecosystem through integrated parts, vehicle values, recall data, salvage, a full array of inspection methods and now weather information,” stated Ernie Bray, CEO of ACD. “Our technology is aggressively focused on the future of claims and we’ve had so much excitement from insurers who see the tremendous value of what we are providing,” added Bray.

Weather data is now currently available to all of ACD’s current clients.