ACD’s Customer First Delivers High Impact Results

SAN DIEGO,CA – January 12, 2015 –ACD, a leading claims technology, decision support, advisory and service network solution to the property and casualty industry announced three months of Customer First field testing by insurers has resulted in dramatically increased vehicle inspection success rates and positive customer interactions.

Insurers who have implemented Customer First through ACD’s AutoLink™ claims workflow technology platform have been able to affect a positive impact on customer satisfaction and reduce claim cycle times.

“Today’s digitally empowered consumer expects to be kept informed and desires information. With Customer First we have been able to assist insurers by delivering a high impact solution during those vital moments of uncertainty of a claim. Providing contact information, connecting the policyholder with the damage assessor and smoothing the way is essential for insurers. Vehicle owners can interact directly with their adjuster or assessor digitally through AutoLink™, right from their smartphone. Solutions such as these help minimize churn rates resulting from a poor claims experience and truly puts the customer first,” stated Ernie Bray, Chief Executive Officer.

Customer First is just one of the many new features in AutoLink™ which insurers can utilize to create a customer focused claims experience. Other core features include Self(ie) Service™ mobile claims app, Collision Select™ Smart Audit™, MobileSup™ Technology and more.