ACD’s Customer-Centric Technology Empowers Auto Insurers

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 19th, 2015 – ACD, a leading claims technology, decision support, advisory and service network solution to the property and casualty industry revealed that its customer-centric technology features within AutoLink™ have decreased supplement repair calls by 41% and increased 24 hour inspection success by 23% while recovering an average of fifteen minutes of lost productivity per file for adjusters

“We understand insurers and claims departments are under heavy pressure to contain costs and reduce LAE. We at ACD are thrilled to be able to help alleviate much of this stress through our array of technology solutions which are focused on the customer experience and process refinement,” stated Ernie Bray, Chief Executive Officer. “Helping insurers retain policyholders, reduce churn rates and provide more efficiency to claims departments is what drives us everyday at ACD. Our AutoLink™ technology has the ability to handle every MOI (Method of Inspection) from Self-Service, Traditional Appraisals, DRP, Open Repair Networks, and Desk Reviews while seamlessly being able to move assignments from one inspection channel to another. This ensures the customer has every option available without any delays,” added Bray.

AutoLink’s™ scalable, cloud based technology enables insurers to manage the entire auto claims workflow process from start to finish with a variety of customer focused enhancements including Self(ie) Service™, Customer First, Collision Select, Smart Audit, MobileSup™ Technology and more. These features dramatically differentiate ACD from the legacy software providers within the industry. In 2015 ACD has many exciting solutions in the pipeline, which will continue the corporation’s core mission of digitizing the claims industry and connecting the links of the auto claims value chain.