ACD Includes Recall and Service Bulletin Data Into Claims Workflow Technology

ACD today announced full integration of vehicle recall & technical service bulletin data into AutoLink™, the company’s leading technology workflow platform.

Recall and service bulletin data is now included for every file processed through ACD’s AutoLink™ claims technology. This is the latest feature to be added in 2015, which has also included “used car guide” and “alternative part” integrations.

“We are extremely excited to include recall and technical service bulletin data on every transaction processed through AutoLink™. The ability to provide information that can increase safety for our client’s policyholders is very important to us. This knowledge is also vital for adjusters when investigating a loss and determining possible liability issues. We at ACD believe in providing the most data possible to support our clients' decision making capabilities,” stated Ernie Bray, CEO of ACD. “With the inclusion of these key reports we want to increase awareness and safety for all parties and connect them with information that may have been inadvertently overlooked.”

This new feature is now included within AutoLink™ for subscribing insurers and their policyholders. For more information, contact ACD at (888) 403-4223.