ACD Introduces Self(ie) Service™, a Revolutionary Mobile Auto Claims Solution

ACD, a national leader in claims management, advisory, audit and technology solutions to the property and casualty industry, has introduced an exciting new self-service solution now available for repair facilities, insurers, and their policyholders. The new feature, aptly dubbed Self(ie) Service™, is a first person solution built within the Company’s robust award-winning AutoLink technology.

“Self(ie) Service™ (where the ‘ie’ stands for instant estimates) is a phenomenal solution that’s so simple and easy to use,” states President and CEO Ernie Bray. “Anyone who already knows how to text and take a picture can use it. It will drastically improve accuracy, cycle time, and customer service. Mobile technology is the hottest trend now with many new companies sprouting up to capitalize on this growing sector. We are simply leveraging the backbone of our existing software and adding this additional feature to make it even better,” added Bray.

“Having processed over $2 billion in assessed damage and already delivering rapid service with technology, our Self(ie) Service™ web application surpasses any “app” on the market. Our solution is framed around simplicity and effectiveness and offers instantaneous uploads from the field into AutoLink,” explained Bray. “App centric solutions are less desirable for the customer as most end-users don’t want a limited use app taking up permanent real estate on their phone,” added Bray.

“Self(ie) Service™ allows for the broadest reach and compatibility. Our branded solutions and secure transmissions allow for insurers to maintain their identity while allowing ACD to serve as the vehicle for service and quality delivery. We’ve also taken measures to safeguard our clients from potential fraud with our proprietary red flag indicator that scans each submission for anomalies. For added protection, each in-house estimating specialist undergoes annual anti-fraud training. This is a great marketing tool for companies and allows Self(ie) Service™ to provide added value and convenience to policyholders,” stated Bray.

Self(ie) Service™ is built into the powerful AutoLink system, which has increasingly become the premier choice of auto insurers across the nation. It is compatible with most Apple iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. One factor that differentiates the solution from the competition is that it allows for the client to instantly change the claim from self-service to a traditional full appraisal. This seamless ability to alter the file’s status reduces potential delays, improving both cycle time and overall customer experience.