ACD Inks Three-Year Contract with Top 10 National Auto Insurance Carrier

ACD, a national leader in claims management, advisory, audit and technology solutions to the property and casualty industry, has announced the inking of a three-year professional services agreement with one of the nation’s Top 10 insurance carriers. ACD will perform guideline accuracy audits, insurance advisory services and metric reviews with reporting.

As one of the largest commercial property-casualty companies in North America, the newly signed client has chosen ACD specifically for its dedication to client service and consistent management of quality assurance. In addition, ACD will be assisting the client with regulatory compliance in states where the Department of Insurance mandates additional reviews.

“ACD is extremely proud of its quality service and signing a long term contract with a top rated company of this stature is a great achievement for ACD as an organization,” stated Ernie Bray, CEO.

“Not only will our client benefit from a dedicated team committed to supporting their customers, they will also appreciate access to our industry leading reporting technology,” added Bray.