ACD Announces Release of SubroLink™ 2.0, Packed With New Features

CARLSBAD, California – October 20th, 2014 – ACD, a national leader in claims management, advisory, audit and technology solutions to the property and casualty industry has announced a series of major upgrades to its SubroLink™ software.

SubroLink™ 2.0 features a number of powerful new additions that will further solidify the software as the premier choice for carriers nationwide. Some highlights include predictive and historical settlement analysis, more robust real-time reporting features and a new built-in red flag indicator to alert subrogators of potential fraud. Carriers can now access historical data on negotiation success rates and also monitor trends on which items traditionally result in the largest savings. Additionally, the software leverages the robust platform used for subrogation and incorporates a brand new desk review functionality.

No other subrogation or desk review solution in the industry takes such a comprehensive look at one of the most important parts of an insurance claim – the payment of what’s reasonably owed. ACD’s highly qualified team of certified subrogation arbitrators had direct input into the design and update of SubroLink™ 2.0.

“When we sat down with our development team, we wanted to ensure that any upgrades to SubroLink™ would provide added value to our clients. I really think that SubroLink™ 2.0 hits it out of the park. Clients can now monitor trends by adverse carrier and which negotiation points are most successful,” stated Christine Lim, Director of Subrogation & Desk Reviews. “We are also utilizing the power of SubroLink™ in our client desk reviews and are capable of providing feedback in a manner very similar to subro,” added Lim.

SubroLink™ 2.0 is available as both a standalone software solution for your claims department or can be used in conjunction with ACD’s Claims Services Group (CSG). Current clients who pair ACD’s SubroLink™ and CSG are saving an average of $425 per subrogation demand.