ACD Adds Another New Large Mutual Insurer To Client List

CARLSBAD, California – December 2nd, 2014 – ACD, a national leader in technology workflow solutions, advisory, and audit solutions to the property and casualty industry has announced the addition of another major farm mutual insurer. This marks the third new client in this sector over the last two months. ACD will connect networks of claims resources, perform guideline accuracy audits, provide insurance advisory services and deliver metric reviews with reporting

“This addition represents our third mutual insurer in the last two months, and we are proud to be able to service such a respected and longstanding organization. At ACD we put our customers first and we’re very excited to be able to deliver the highest quality service to our client and their policyholders,” stated Ernie Bray, Chief Executive Officer. “Our AutoLink™ technology’s ability to strategically allocate resources and manage an inherently difficult process will further streamline our client’s claims workflow processes. We also look forward to successfully implementing our new Customer First technology, a first in the industry. This will have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and reduce claim cycle times,” added Bray.